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White Book

    Ladies and gentlemen Hello everybody! Thank you folks support Qinggen, Qinggen can successfully elected Fanlu Township, the seventeenth Mayor, have the opportunity to serve the folks, folks to give support and affirmation will be the root of the Qing government's most powerful pillars of future governance, Will day and night for the village to work hard to promote local development and construction, will be our efforts to develop into a tourist, agricultural capital; Qing root will strive to achieve the following political views:
    First, wholeheartedly care for the local, Qinqian grass-roots reflect public opinion and dedication to the service of the villagers to solve their problems
    Second, actively to the higher level for the funding, building local, to accelerate the prosperity and progress of the township.
    Third, to promote social welfare measures, and to strengthen the care of the elderly, women and children and vulnerable groups.
    Fourth, the development of the agricultural culture of the rural tourism and leisure undertakings, to promote local development.
    Fifth, with the community development organizations, and actively promote the development of the community building, the formation of Meilunmeihuan the community.
    Sixth, to improve the quality of agricultural products, reform the production and marketing system, increase farmers 'income, improve farmers' lives.
    , to promote the development of Renyi Lake around the planning and development, set up shopping district, leisure and tourism, in order to enhance the local economic development, and increase the employment opportunities of the villagers.
    Eight, with the Alishan National Scenic Area Management Office, and actively develop the township public production industry.
    Nine, for Taiwan 18 lines along the road tenants tenants legalization.

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